Care that goes beyond the great outdoors

Being an experienced and passionate small dog lover, my services go beyond dog walking in Eastleigh.

Your best friends benefit from more than my passion. Being an experienced registered veterinary nurse, I bring the full breadth of my knowledge and attention to my careful nail clipping and bespoke dog care visits in Eastleigh.

Get in touch with me via my contact form to arrange a health visit or nail clipping session, or reach out to me at 07525 211919 if you have any questions.

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Health Visits   |   From £10

Giving your pet care when you're not there

Dogs need attention in the comfort of their own home, even if they are being regularly walked. They thrive on consistency and routine, and long stretches without human interaction can make them anxious.

If life, work or anything else has gotten in the way and you know you'll be leaving your small dog at home for several hours, my dog care visits in Eastleigh and the surrounding area have you and your best friend covered.

I'll take care of the essentials such as food, water and toilet breaks, on top of administering any medication they may have (Something I have decades of experience of as a registered veterinary nurse). Once that's taken care of, we'll have some playtime or cuddles to ensure they feel loved and safe.

You will be updated the whole way through via text and WhatsApp, giving you and your small dog alike peace of mind.

This service is also available for cats and rabbits, and can be combined with my evening dog walking in Eastleigh to provide extra mental and physical stimulation if you know you will be out for a long while.


Nail Clipping   |   £10

Simple, straightforward and hassle-free nail clipping.

Clipping your dog's nails can be stressful experience, especially if your dog has dark claws. It's often hard to tell where the claw ends and the quick begins. A few millimetres can be difference between a tidy clipping and cutting into the quick below.

Having clipped hundreds of sets of nails over my years as a veterinary nurse, I'll carefully groom your dog's claws to a safe and comfortable length in the convenience of your own home.




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If you are interested in dog care or dog walking in Eastleigh, fill out a booking form to arrange a callback. Alternatively, you can call me directly.

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