Fulfilling And Stimulating Adventures, Tailored To Your Canine Companion

In today's world of long hours, be that in the office or at home, it can be difficult to give your small dog sufficient walking time. Not only do they tend to be higher-energy than their larger cousins, but walks provide your dog with crucial mental stimulation. Well-exercised dogs are more confident, more stimulated and overall happier dogs.

That's why Dachshund Walking is proud to provide your small dog the physical and mental stimulation they crave when life gets in the way, you can't get away from the office or you need some time away from home.

All my services start with a 30-minute face-to-face conversation with you and a bit of playtime with your best friend. This allows me to tailor our planned adventures together to their physical abilities, energy levels and personalities – Some dogs might flourish from being walked as part of a group, while others will be happier on a solo adventure.

If you're interested in dog walking in Eastleigh or my other services then get in touch with me via my contact form to arrange a face-to-face consultation, or get in touch at 07525 211919 or through my contact form.

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Individual Dog Walk   |   £20

A bespoke service tailored to small dogs who prefer to be walked on their own.

Just as some people are nervous in groups, some small dogs will prefer to trot or run along with just a human for company. Whatever your dog's needs; I will provide them with an hour's worth of mental stimulation in a safe environment suited to them. More energetic or younger dogs will enjoy some steep inclines, while elderly dogs will naturally be happier with flat and easy terrain.


Group Dog Walk   |   £20 per dog

A fun and enriching small dog walking service.

Small dogs benefit immensely from being a part of a group of similarly-sized friends, as it offers an opportunity to socialise, interact and play without being intimidated to larger dogs. We'll have fun stomping around the Hampshire countryside for a full hour's walk.

I can use long line leads for these group walks, giving your small dog and their new friends a chance to run around and have fun while being in safe and capable hands.


Secure Paddock Walk   |   £26

A one-on-one walk in an exclusive paddock.

If your small dog is particularly reactive, paddock walks offer a valuable opportunity for them to build their confidence in a safe and secure environment. Similarly, dogs with a limited recall or particularly strong chasing instincts can explore, walk or run around to their hearts content without getting lost. 


Evening and Weekend Walks   |   £25

A flexible option for unpredictable schedules.

If you work late shifts or weekends and your best friend need exercise, I may be able to step in and lend a hand by covering you for an hour's dog walking in Eastleigh. Please note that this is subject to my availability.









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As a small and local business, Dachshund Walking thrives on word-of-mouth referrals. If your dog has enjoyed their time with me, please spread the word!









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If you are interested in dog care or dog walking in Eastleigh, fill out a booking form to arrange a callback. Alternatively, you can call me directly.

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